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Welcome to the Seaver Golf Academy!

You are in the right place to start improving your golf game today! We are dedicated to providing you the best learning experience you've ever enjoyed. No matter what kind of shape your game is in today, we will help you play golf with more consistency, more confidence, and more fun.

Expect the Best

At the Seaver Golf Academy we understand that every player's swing is unique. We don't teach you a method - we teach you to play better golf! That's why we develop your golf swing around your capabilities and enhance your swing to fit your style. Whether you attend the Golf Coach Program, group lessons, clinics, or private instruction, you will learn what it takes to build your own repeatable swing and you will learn effective practice techniques that will help you take that swing to the course.

We are different

Our approach balances swing mechanics with a scoring focus and positive mental techniques to bring out the best in your game. We address every part of your game, including driving, woods, irons, putting, chipping, bunkers, specialty shots, course management, golf fitness, sports psychology, and custom club fitting using the industry's latest technology. You'll come away from your Seaver Golf Academy experience with a comprehensive plan for your improvement tailored to your specific needs and based on proven results. And you'll have fun doing it!

The GOLF COACH PROGRAM - The Most Innovative Instruction Program in the Country

Ask any student who has ever participated in the Golf Coach Program and they'll tell you that they can't believe a program like this hasn't been done before.
For a low fee you get an entire month of pre-set practice sessons with Eric. That's more than 40 hours! You come as often as you can, as much as you can. Your Coach is there working with you, watching you practice, and helping you learn. Simply put, it is the best learning experience you could imagine, all within a great community environment.
The Golf Coach program may just be the best approach out there when it comes to improving your golf game. To the best of our knowledge, there is no other program like it in the country.

What Students are saying about the program:
"I worked really hard on my short game to dial in my distances and accuracy and the next week I had 3 birdies on the par 5's at my home course. I really feel like Eric is trying to get to know me and is interested in helping me reach my golf goals. He makes practice fun! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who would like to improve their golf game." AK

"The past two months have been absolutely awesome. I have learned more useful stuff in a short amount of time than I have learned in the past 10 years of playing.

"I would recommend this program to any golfer who is SERIOUS about improving their game and is willing to spend a few hours per week to get into a great new routine. Some of the benefits that I have found are:
    - Learn how to practice in a fun and effective way
    - Learn how to create a routine that fits your personality to gain consistency
    - The playing lessons are phenomenal. You get to play 18 holes with a professional once a month and get some great feedback on how you actually play. I have learned a lot about my mental game during these rounds.
    - My favorite thing about this program is the amount of personal attention that a student gets, and how we are being challenged to try so many new things." JM

What you get:
When you enroll in the Golf Coach program you get access to more than 40 hours of supervised, scheduled practice time each month with your instructor. We will work on every part of your game with you to improve. We will show you drills and practice routines customized to your needs. And we will be there with you for every practice. You are with a group, but you are working on your own unique improvement plan.

The idea of basing the 30-day lesson plan on what we see on the golf course, and then working on that plan in a supervised setting is proving to accelerate improvement in a unparalleled way. And it is fun! Not only are students addressing swing issues under the eye of the coach, but they are also learning new skills and new shots every week.

"Getting the proper feeling in golf and making changes takes some time and the coaching approach provides the repetitive feedback over several months to allow the change to take place. In the normal "take a lesson" approach you get some instruction and than go off to try what you've learned, but it doesn't often stick with just one set of instructions. You are left with going back to purchase another lesson or to struggle on your own. Your approach provides the continuing feed back over several months and since you pay one fee the incentive is to make use of the practice sessions rather than postponing seeing the instructor because another fee is involved. I am very pleased with the progress I made. Your approach has not only lowered my index, it's enhanced my enjoyment of the game." MW

Practices are scheduled every Tuesdays 1:00 - 3:00, Fridays 10:00 - 12:00, and Saturday & Sunday 9:30 - 12:00. You can come to any and all practices, for as much or as little as you like. The monthly fee for the Golf Coach Program is $195.00. Playing lessons are also available on request at the Fairgrounds 9-hole course. To learn more about the Coach program, read the description on the Private Instruction page or give Eric a call at 925-462-7201.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available for any occasion. Call Eric or Rick to place your order.

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Time to think SUPER BOWL FIESTA! and Register now!

This is our fourth year of bringing golfers to Mexico and every year it keeps getting better. We always plan our trip to coincide with the Super Bowl, so you'll always know when it is. This year we leave on February 3nd and return on February 10th.

We travel non-stop from Oakland via a chartered Alaska Airlines flight and stay at the beautiful 5-star Marival Residences and World Spa. The rooms are spacious suites with a living room area and a kitchen! Suite! All the rooms have an ocean view. There are 4 restaurants, pool-side service, a hot tub, and a way-cool open air sky-bar on the 8th floor roof tip with a panoramic view of the coast. Talk about relaxing in style!

There is a sister hotel where we will also be able to dine. Like Acapulco there is a beach club where you'll be able to kick back by the ocean and enjoy your margaritas. The sister hotel also has a private beach area, and it's about a 5 minute walk. As it has been with ILT in the past all the food and drinks at both facilities are included.

We'll be playing golf at the Vista Vallart Golf Club, a 36-hole facility with a Nicklaus course and a Weiskopf-designed course. Golf Digest consistently rates these courses in the Top 5 in all of Mexico! Yea! In addition there are a number of other well-known and highly ranked courses in the area, and we will have access to these courses as well at reduced rates.

It's hard to believe we get all this for one low price, but there is even more. We'll have access to the City Tour, a sunset cruise, swimming with dolphins, and a zip line adventure in the forest, all FREE. Plus, of course, the super bowl party. Don't you just love all-inclusive vacations?

There is no better deal on a golf vacation in Mexico, and we want you to join us! The cost is only $1,777 for golfers, and just $1,479 for non-golfers. That includes EVERYTHING! Food, air fare, hotel, drinks, super bowl party, tour, cruises, and golf clinics. The works!

Every year our golfers say it is the best golf vacation they've ever had, so mark your calendar and send in your deposit today! The trip is limited to the first 155 passengers, and there are two other groups from San Jose goinig with us, so if you don't at least send in a deposit to reserve your seat you will miss out. Please don't wait. Print out the registration form right now, fill it out, and send in your $250.00 deposit to ILT to hold your seat.

Hasta la Super Bowl!


The Secret is in Eric's eBook "THE 5 KEYS TO DISTANCE"

The 5 Keys to Distance - Golf Swing Instruction for more distance off the tee, by Eric Jones Eric's new book - "The 5 Keys to Distance" is now available to order. Download your copy now by clicking on the book image.
This book is unique in many ways. Not only is it a distillation of all the expertise Eric has developed in generating distance, but it also has both text and videos to help you understand everything it takes to start hitting it longer off the tee.
The 5 Keys to Distance is an electronic book so you will be able to download it immediately when you place your order. Save it, read it any time you want, and watch the videos at your convenience. You can order you copy of the book at www.targetcenteredgolf.com. See you down the fairway!

Recommended books and resources:
Here are some links to books and resources that we have found helpful and that will help your game. We'll be updating this section constantly as we learn of great recommendations. Enjoy!

Every Shot Must Have a Purpose by Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott

The Art of Putting: by Stan Utley

Winning the Battle Within: by Dr. Glen Albaugh


Charles Seaver: Known as "Mr. California Golf", Charles Seaver was the epitome of amateur golf - a consummate golfer who played for the love of the game. His values, ideals, and integrity are the inspiration behind the Seaver Golf Academy. Everybody associated with the Seaver Golf Academy loves the game, and we are dedicated to sharing our enthusiasm with you and providing you with the most enjoyable golf learning experience you have ever had. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Good Friends at CoverItAllCo designed the logo on this site and produced the shirts for our Acapulco trip. Bob Macomber is the best! Please see him if you need any work done for you event or company.

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